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The Wildberries’ partner portal allows to quickly and easily grasp the intricacies of selling on the popular marketplace. The website guides through the entire sequence of actions from the sign up to the first shipment. The main page is assembled from widgets that display the current metrics of the company’s operations. The number of widgets and the order in which they are displayed are fully customizable.


Complete information about products is gathered in one section. This is where users can create and edit new product cards, update stock and customize recommendations. Sellers mostly work with tables, so they are brought to a single format. The tables are built and interact with each other according to shared principles. Excessive information is hidden and can be displayed when necessary.


Active shipments are tracked in real time, while new transactions are broken down into simple and logical steps. The system provides timely information about the specifics of turnover and suggests the most favorable options: make one shipment or two, use boxes with sets or monopallets, ship products to a warehouse in Krasnodar or Podolsk, plus many other important options.


Convenient smart filters allow to select a group of products and analyze their sales by different criteria. Clear graphs help evaluate the dynamics; as a result, the system advises on how to improve key indicators.


Sale profits are calculated in advance by analyzing several business models. Recommendations on how to increase profits are given right on the spot.


The training section contains reference materials and allows to sign up for seminars. It is up to the partner to decide how they want to receive information: by studying on their own, downloading it to their computer or by listening to a lecturer remotely or in person. All information is conveniently grouped by topics.

Mobile version

The mobile version offers all of the services of the desktop version, preserving the structure and logic of the portal. Using mobile devices, partners can enter new products into the system, create shipping plans and, most importantly, track sales.

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Bottom line

The portal has a simple and clear structure, a logical navigation system and a user-friendly interface. As a result, the execution time of each scenario was significantly reduced, and partners received a tool for solving the most complex tasks and performing routine operations.

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