Ritter lighting equipment packaging

Task: to design special packaging.

German company Rev which produces light bulbs, spotlights, flashlights and many other lighting equipment has launched a new brand. Packaging appearance for Ritter designer light fixtures was created in the studio. The packages are decorated with the specially created logo.

ritter logo

Inherited features of the parent company logo are easily seen in the new symbol. At the same time, it is unique, looks good on its own and fits well with logos of other Rev brands. To make it easier to differentiate equipment by category, we created a range of beautiful patterns whose three-dimensional shapes make the designs richer. A separate, festively juicy pattern was created for the New Year range of products.

ritter pattern new2

The packaging is rendered in dark colors to ensure device images better stand out against the background. All of the brand’s products were beautifully photographed for the project. We also thought about how the design is going to be adapted for equipment that will be added to the range in the future.

Sets of pictograms were created to illustrate important features of each device.

Adjustable brightness

Adjustable color temperature

Combined color temperature

Remote control

Starry sky effect

The graphic and text blocks are arranged in a way that makes key information visible at all times, regardless of how the box is going to lie on the shelf.

Priority information is highlighted with color and larger type.

project managers

Made in 5 days
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