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Riveri shoe stores interior

Task: to design an interior of a shoe store.

Russian company Riveri creates beautiful modern shoes that are comfortable for walking around the city, riding in public transport and driving a car. Several of the company’s stores in Moscow and the Moscow Region are decorated in accordance with the fresh identity created at the studio.

riveri interiors entrance

The interior should be as bright as possible, which is why we chose white as the main color. Grays and blacks are used only to highlight the bright yellow accents.

The central module of the sales area is composed of several groups of three cylinders each. In each group, one of the cylinders is always yellow. The top module is used to display the most fashionable styles while the bottom ones invite visitors to sit down to try on a chosen pair or just to relax after a long walk in the store.

At the entrance, the visitors are greeted by mannequins that look as if some ordinary passersby simply got behind the glass to take a rest from shopping. The main feature of the mannequins is that all silhouettes have mirrored surfaces, which means that anyone who walks up to the storefront immediately becomes one of the characters. Everyday objects that everyone is familiar with—a bicycle, a comfortable chair, a coffee table—make getting into the role even easier. However, another storefront design with no showcases and only a theft protection system is available, too.

When walking into a shoe store, people usually distinguish the men’s department from the women’s by the models that are displayed. But our additional micronavigation shifts attention from the shelves to the phrases on the walls. They are written on behalf of characters that are easily identifiable. It’s obvious that “I’ve got to run” is something that a trendy fashionista would say while “Let’s go for a walk!” is used to mark shelves with children’s shoes.

riveri interiors navigation

Price labels and shelf talkers are designed with the use of the corporate color pattern. Placed against the calm background of the walls, the bright spots attract attention, highlighting the newest styles.

Waiting in line to a cashier, the person sees the familiar cylinders again, only this time they are located on the walls. Here they act as a showcase, supporting shelves that exhibit models that are definitely worth a return visit to the store.

riveri interiors register

The general principles of interior design and object arrangement in the store, rules for the placement of signs and wayfinding elements, recommendations on setting up furniture modules in sales areas as well as advice on creating lighting systems in stores are given in a specially compiled guide.

Made in 122 days
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