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Riveri shoe stores identity

Task: to create style elements and show how to use them.

A person spends most of his or her life wearing shoes: making the first steps, walking to school, going to a beach on vacation or rushing to a party on the weekend. We thought that shoes are a great reminder of life’s brightest moments. When buying another pair of shoes you also get all the memories that will be associated with it. With this in mind, we created a whole set of different things for the shoe company Riveri.

The text logo is written by hand and then carefully traced in vector. The light and rhythmic text consists of three pairs of large and small letters whose pacing reminds of steps. This alternation resembles walking, as if the letters are all going somewhere together. And the bright yellow color of the logo indicates that it’s summertime, the sun shines bright and life is full of joy.

Places that the buyer will definitely visit wearing the new purchase—city streets and suburban parks—become branded landscape patterns. Each of them creates its own mood and is used in a different situation. For example, the one with yellow leaves is ideal for announcements of fall sales.

riveri identity card

On mock-ups for all media shoes are always shown on the feet of their owners and overlaid on top of a patterned background, creating a lively dimensional composition ideal for each particular case.

riveri identity board

Shoes, boots, sandals, moccasins, flip flops and sneakers are sold in colorful boxes. The lids are colored in one of the corporate colors and the sides are sealed with matching bright patterns. The patterns are made as ribbons and work for boxes of any size.

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type designer



Made in 122 days
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