Rostelecom smart home presentation

Task: to create a captivating interface.

Rostelecom offers a huge range of smart home devices. An impressive presentation in the company’s showroom in Moscow introduces customers to home automation.

Smart sockets, light bulbs, door locks, various sensors and mechanisms that bring familiar things to life are best seen in operation. For this purpose, we created an entire virtual apartment equipped with a full set of such devices.

All scenarios involving smart devices are presented as a simple sequence: if this event occurs, complete that action.

Visitors can choose a scenario on the tablet. The large screen nearby starts playing a video that shows how the scenario plays out in the apartment.

Videos with scenarios replace each other automatically, coming together into an entire sequence of events that are fascinating to watch.

At the end of each video viewers are presented with information about the devices that were used to create the magic and a link to the website where they can review detailed specifications and make an order.

Getting to know a smart home is just as easy as living in one!

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