Task: to create an icon set.

Rostelecom is one of Russia’s largest telecom operators offering home internet, interactive TV, landlines, mobile solutions, security systems and much more. The company places first in the country by the number of internet clients.

The telecom giant offers a gigantic number of services and a variety of products. Icons for all areas of the company’s business were developed at the studio, amounting to 95 pictograms in 12 categories.

At the beginning of the project we received a list of the company’s services and advantages broken down by themes. For each item on the list we created a visual metaphor and rendered it in accordance with the company’s style.

The icons were designed to look great in small and big sizes, meaning they can be placed on media of any format.

All pictograms align to Rostelecom’s unified grid.

The icons exist in dark, white and colored variants and each category has its own color.

project manager

Made in 15 days
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