Rostelecom showroom

Task: to design a flagship store for a digital giant.

Rostelecom is one of Russia’s largest providers of digital services to individual clients and organizations, both public and private. The company occupies an important position on the market of high-speed Internet access and pay TV services and offers solutions in cellular communications and cybersecurity.

All Rostelecom products and services are tightly integrated. The interactive digital space brings them together and introduces visitors to the company’s most favorable offers.

rostelecom store 01

A large screen divides the area into several zones. Bright signs hovering in the air and animated clues on the floor help visitors find their way around them.

rostelecom store 02

The central zone offers digital TV and interactive entertainment services. The store has an area with a large comfy sofa for watching TV and testing set-top boxes.

rostelecom store 03

A mysteriously glowing portal leads to a special room for demonstrating gaming services.

Inside, visitors can learn about the benefits of gaming plans and try cloud gaming services.

rostelecom store 04

The store space is used as rationally as possible. Window sills contain everything related to cellular communication: mobile phones, accessories and information about service plans.

Between the windows are special self service screens which customers can use to explore and choose products.

rostelecom store 05

There are plenty of screens in the store, so visitors can quickly choose the right service package in any zone.

rostelecom store 07

Smart home technologies are demonstrated in two stages.

An interactive presentation shows how smart devices make life easier by demonstrating a virtual apartment.

rostelecom store 08

The operation of sensors is explained through clear and fascinating mechanics.

Real devices are placed on top of displays with animated backgrounds that correspond to their purpose.

A separate cozy place is set aside for communicating with Marusya smart speaker.

rostelecom store 11

In the entrance area people can take a break by having a seat in chairs of unusual shape.

rostelecom store 12

The special zone by the entrance contains ATMs and self-service terminals.

rostelecom store 13

It’s nice to have a coffee or fill out documents on the comfortable sofa.

rostelecom store 14

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art director

chief architect


  • The studio wishes to thank Dmitry Odegov, Irina Vlasova and Marta Tsvetkova for their help with the project
Made in 37 days
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