Rostelecom combo plan selection interface

Task: to reveal the benefits.

Rostelecom opened its first showroom in Moscow where visitors can explore technologies for communication, remote work, entertainment, smart home and security and then purchase the necessary services on the spot.

Combo plans are specially selected sets of services that are cheaper when purchased together.

Combo plans can be selected on special screens and tablets installed throughout the store. The interface developed for selecting the plans helps compare them and choose the most suitable one.

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Combo plan cards are stacked into themed sets depending on the showroom zone.

The cards themselves have only the essential information: the basic set of services at the top and below them the additional services that can be connected as needed.

Cards can be flipped through using the familiar swiping motion. The price and amount of money saved are shown below.

The benefits are not limited by combo plans alone. If needed, customers can connect additional services: the more they order, the cheaper each one becomes.

Purchasing combo plans is done by using QR codes that are generated by the interface.

If a service is selected, it is added to the card. The total price and the amount of money saved are always visible and get updated depending on the selection.

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Made in 34 days
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