Sticker pack for Skladnoe Mesto

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Skladnoe Mesto rents out shipping containers for storage of various cargoes. After receiving the task to “create a wayfinding sticker and something else cool,” we developed a complex solution by designing an entire viral sticker pack for any media.

In addition to aesthetics, the stickers improve wayfinding, make it easier to locate the right container in the endless rows of identical C cans.

The rectangular stickers continue the square company logo in shape, creating a unified graphic language.

Simple geometry, bright contrasts and eye-catching typography immediately attract the eye: each sticker has its own unique character and no container will remain unnoticed.

skladnoe mesto 3

Clear icons and short messages tell the story of the continuity of all supply and safety systems, while a set of meme poems adds variety to communication.

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skladnoe mesto 6

The entire sticker pack is one universal graphic constructor, whose individual elements can be combined with each other and rearranged as desired.

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