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Playground Identity and wayfinding

Polar Explorer playground identity and wayfinding


The Polar Explorer playground is a children’s playground in Murmansk whose main symbol is a smiling polar bear. In addition to the mascot, a fun identity and a wayfinding system were created for the playground in the studio.

The bear’s head is a characteristic element of the identity. It is drawn in one soft and flexible stroke which twists intricately to form a continuous pattern of loops that are perfect for photos or for filling with bright colors.

murmansk playground pre 01

Another element of the style is the continuous line. It evokes the desire to see how everything ends and always leads to the right place. Bright, chaotic spots of color that made their way into the identity from children’s drawings complete the picture.

Using the same graphic technique, bears line up in endless roundelays that can be used to decorate anything big or small, looped or finite.

murmansk playground pre 02

Loops of twisted lines are great for placing photos or filling with catchy colors.

The playground is located in the heart of the Cozy Valley park. A clever wayfinding system helps quickly reach the playground. The system attracts the attention of visitors at the entrance to the park and leads them all the way to their destination.

Signs resembling bear tracks are hung low to the ground, allowing children find their way without the help of adults.

murmansk playground sign

Even the most fun games should be safe. Rules for the use of the playground as well as emergency phone numbers anything can happen to kids!—are posted on boards around the playground.

murmansk playground rules

The whole area is divided into two large zones: for toddlers and for teenagers up to fifteen years of age. Each one has its own play equipment. To make it easier to find each other on the playground, a diagram with pictures of all objects was also created.

murmansk playground map 01
murmansk playground map 02

Each playground object is introduced with ice floe-shaped signs, making the visit to the playground educational as well. After playing, children can take a break and explore various interesting facts.

murmansk playground woods
murmansk playground shapes

Elements of the identity and wayfinding media fit in perfectly with the overall style of the previously designed playground.

murmansk playground final




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