3D objects for Moscow maps

Task: to design 2D and 3D models of recognizable Moscow buildings.

Near each Metro entrance in Moscow there is a city map that shows the closest streets within a three-kilometer radius. To make these maps even better, we designed 3D models of the most famous buildings in Moscow.

The style of the new maps was proposed by City ID in the 2014 Metro Wayfinding Guide and later improved and enhanced at the studio

The new objects make maps much more visual: people match a model to a building nearby and start to orientate themselves using prominent landmarks such as high-rise buildings, towers, churches and theaters.

The map literally gets a new graphic language that is very close to the one we use every day (“walk to the monument, then turn right”). Naturally, the speed of information perception increases greatly.

3d buildings

A complex system was used to determine which buildings to model, evaluating things like cultural value, social significance, size, complexity of form, etc. In total, we created around 250 models of various architectural styles, sizes and ages.

That is an incredible number! Almost every important or interesting building in Moscow is now rendered in 3D.

For all the chosen buildings we also created façade icons to be used as map marginalia.

For all the chosen buildings we also created façade icons to be used as map marginalia

The newly created objects have another important function: they can be assembled into an incredibly beautiful and endlessly useful pattern!

3d buildings packs

Overall, two hundred fifty 3D and 2D illustrations of major Moscow landmarks were created.

Many buildings are modeled in high detail allowing to see stars, bas-reliefs, sculptures and moldings.

Different maps show the same buildings from different angles.

3d buildings ticket office

artistic director

art director


  • All rights to the pattern belong to the Moscow Metro. For permission to use the pattern, contact the Moscow Metro legal service
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