Sheremetyevo Airport border control zone signs

Task: to organize lines of people crossing the state border.

Passport and customs control at an airport is a serious and important process that requires good organization, careful planning and smooth execution. Signs for the border control zone in Sheremetyevo Airport were designed in the studio to make the process easier and more pleasant for passengers.

svo passport control china

To speed up the procedures, passengers are divided into groups with each group serviced in a dedicated booth. Information desks located at the beginning of the dividers help passengers find the right line. The desks have no arrows and can be easily reused when configuration of the area changes.

The line itself gives no reasons for worry or confusion either. Screens above booths tell passengers when to wait and when to enter.

svo passport control russia

Some booths allow entering with an electronic boarding pass, this is marked by a bright image of a smartphone on the screen.

Signs tell passengers to prepare all documents in advance.


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Made in 6 days
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