Military Uniform Museum wayfinding system

Task: to create a design and a wayfinding system for a museum.

The Military Uniform Museum is located in Moscow, on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street 46/17, building 1, in the former Vasilchikov estate. It’s a shame, but few passersby could tell from the appearance of the building that it contains a museum. The new design and the wayfinding system developed in the studio aim at making the museum more welcoming and accessible.

We opened the gates, marked the main entrance with banners and made the Museum sign larger, allowing it to be visible from a distance.

mmu day 01 v2
mmu facade windows2
mmu entrance2

Inside, the building is constructed as an enfilade, making it hard to find your way around the small rooms and spaces, numerous doors, passages and staircases.

The new wayfinding system helps visitors understand the layout of the museum and navigate it confidently while exploring the exhibits in its collection.


The graphic concept is based on the image of a military formation where soldiers stand strictly behind one another. All the wayfinding elements are lined up perfectly and form a coherent system.

mmu start3
mmu five v4
mmu hall yellow navigation v3


The museum communicates with the visitors through the wayfinding system in a friendly, but military-like clear and laconic way. The system is based on clear numbering of the halls, while the laconic hints prevent visitors from getting lost.

mmu white2
mmu stair lettering2
mmu exit v3

Civilian and military people, children, parents, history buffs: everyone enjoys the new look of the Military Uniform Museum.

mmu arch2
mmu wall2
mmu orage stair2
mmu orage hall2
mmu NEW
mmu stair2
mmu stuff2
mmu wc3
mmu footer2



The studio wishes to thank Oksana Maltseva and Elena Sinitsyna for their help with the project

Made in 118 days
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