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Task: to create a logo for an insurance aggregator.

Strahovka.ru is an insurance aggregator: it receives insurance quotes directly from insurance companies and by default sorts them by price.

The logo created at the studio is a gentle and delicate play on the theme of insurance.

At the core of the logo is the first letter of the website’s name that has fallen onto a soft pillow. The pillow is a metaphor for reliability, care and protection, it keeps the letter away from the world’s dangers.

strahovka logo vert rus
strahovka logo hor rus
Main and additional versions

A memorable corporate pattern was created from repeating pillows.

A concept of souvenirs that somehow relate to insurance and protection from dangers was created at the studio. Slippers protect feet from the clod floor and the sleeping mask protects eyes from light.

strahovka composition

The logo was created in two color versions.

strahovka guide 1
strahovka guide 2

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Made in 64 days
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