Deposit Insurance Agency website

Task: to design a website for a state corporation.

The “Deposits insured” sticker you see on the doors of banks is put there by the Deposit Insurance Agency. When an insured event occurs with the bank (revocation of the license or a moratorium on meeting the creditors’ claims), it is the Deposit Insurance Agency that returns all funds to the depositors. However, deposit insurance is not the only thing it does.

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A modern and easy to use website for the Agency was created at the studio. From the first screen, the visitors can understand the extent of the organization’s activities.

All information about the Agency’s work is available in one click: insurance compensation, pension savings guarantee system, sale of property, financial rehabilitation of banks. In addition to that, the Agency acts as a bankruptcy manager for liquidated banks, insurance companies and non-governmental pension funds. Liquidation is a complex procedure which generates a huge amount of data which is collected and carefully stored on the website where it can be easily found and studied. This allows creditors to instantly see the full picture of what is happening with the organization they are interested in.

The website has a minimalist and modern design. Information is always more important than decoration, especially when it comes to money, which is why all pages look very serious.

The restrained design is livened up by occasional friendly illustrations that show that the Agency is not a soulless state institution, but rather an organization protecting the interests of depositors and creditors.

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The size of the website reflects the scale of the Agency’s work, which is simply tremendous. A variety of templates were designed for different types of information people may need in various situations.

The interesting and easy to use website looks great on desktop and mobile screens.

Made in 456 days
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