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Strahovka.ru website 2.0

Task: to improve the main page of an insurance aggregator.

Strahovka.ru is an insurance aggregator that collects current offers from many insurance organizations.

The company has reached a stage where it became ready for a new round of updates. The website redesign will allow the business to keep up with its ambitions, the needs of the market and its clients.

Unique form

An extraordinary data entry form was created at the studio. Compact yet capacious, it offers much better conversion than its predecessor, making it easier for clients to make purchases.

The mobile version is just as good as the desktop one: pleasant cards are instantly transformed into a practical form. Everything happens without any extra clicks: the necessary information stays on one screen.

New features

The new version contains maximum useful information on each screen. Package offers are now seen on the main page, helping instantly explore their benefits and choose the best option without wasting time on calculations.

strahovka site2 new


Promotions are arranged in a convenient and readable way. Cards help clients quickly navigate through the website’s features.

strahovka site2 cards

The website contains many interesting articles that will be helpful to many readers.

strahovka site2 final
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