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Task: to make choosing, purchasing and renewing insurance easier.
assembled and populated by the client

Strahovka.ru is an insurance aggregator that collects offers from many insurance companies.

The updated version of the website retains the familiar design but makes searching for insurance easier. Now visitors don’t have to answer pointless questions and can see the offers at any time.

Variety of offers

The range of companies and offers is simply mind-blowing. Looks like every major company now offers insurance.

The updated search results feed helps better understand the endless list of offers that often differ only in minor details.

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Smart dots

Tracking parameters in the vast ocean of information is easier with coding with dots. Hover the mouse over a dot and you can see detailed information about the specific condition.

The friendly page explaining that buying insurance is easy and not at all scary removes any remaining doubt.

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I need more information

For those still hesitating, there is a collection of useful articles that have answers to the most popular and complex questions about insurance.

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Pleasant illustrations were created for the main products.

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The website also has an easy to use mobile version so you can purchase and download proof of insurance right from your phone.

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