1.0 2.0

The making of the Sunlight website 1.0


The first approach: trying the polygons from the corporate style, a woman’s body with jewelry, all sorts of twisty things.

sunlight site process 01

For a while, using a complex slider with parallax: the bottom layer is the red background, next the jewelry and on top of it is a white mask with faceted slits.

sunlight site process 02

Trying to figure out what the category and assistant pages are going to look like. Visualizing the gems in the selection system.

sunlight site process 03

Inserting store availability check into the product card and the catalog, adding recommendations.

sunlight site process 04

Sketching internal pages.

sunlight site process 05

The client wants to make the main page simpler, add news and collections. Trying out different variants.

Working on the details and drawing technical graphics.

sunlight site process 10

Describing the nuances of the layout of interactive details and polishing the details.

sunlight site process 11
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