Task: to bring the online jewelry store to online devices.

Main screen

The product range of Sunlight’s online store is so huge, you can hardly comprehend it. Which is why we developed themed selections of jewelry and accessories specifically for small screens. When you want everything at once, selections help see the most interesting items with no distractions. Blocks with selections change according to the interests of each customer.


The catalog includes many categories that combine jewelry items by a variety of parameters. Sections with current promotions were also added.


A special gallery contains video reviews submitted by customers who already made purchases in the online store. The section also contains live broadcasts where experts talk about the intricacies of choosing and buying jewelry.

Product card

Each piece of jewelry has its own screen with a large image that allows to look at the product from all angles. The app contains handy tools that allow visitors determine the right size and choose the best combinations, such as a bracelet and a pendant, a ring and earrings, or a pendant and a chain.


The first screen of the Pawnshop section contains primary blocks that describe the conditions of pawning, buying and exchanging of jewelry. All the numbers appear on compact, informative bars. Visitors can contact the company’s consultants from the same page.

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