Sunlight flagship store design

Task: to organize information in offline stores.

Sunlight is a Russian chain of stores selling jewelry from world-famous brands, as well as from its own branded collections.

The stores present the entire huge product range, offer online order pick-up, a pawnshop and conduct frequent sales and promotions. To decrease the visual noise, the design of the stores’ interiors was created in the studio.

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Wall banners tell about the advantages of the company’s own products and attract passersby with impressive illustrations that can be easily seen from the street.

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The product range is introduced step by step, exactly where further clarification is needed.

Mirror panels of gold or silver hue are placed behind the items, immediately telling where to look for aurum and argentum.

They look mesmerizing, visually increase the size of the gems and can be easily rearranged if it is necessary to change the layout.

The next thing the customer sees is a plate with the name of the collection.

s 5

Those who become interested and decide to take a closer look at rings, earrings or bracelets, can read their descriptions and characteristics.

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Graphic language

All media is united by the Sunlight identity.

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s 14

Brightly colored promotional signs tell visitors where to look for a good deal. Inside the showcase itself, items on sale are “circled” with special markers.

s 15

The concentric circles represent a portal that invites you into the app with an even bigger selection.

Messages of various kinds differ in color: red is used as background only in advertisements, while information notices are delicately placed on white.

s posters

The pawnshop stands out with its own combination of gold on black.

s 20

Thanks to the new design of the stores, Sunlight jewelry is presented neatly and concisely, choosing becomes easier and visiting the store even more comfortable.

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