Task: to update the online store of a jewelry chain.

assembled and populated by the client

The large Russian chain Sunlight that sells jewelry for every taste and price conducted a large-scale redesign. Along with the appearance of flagship offline stores, the company needed to update its online store. We figured out a way to arrange information on the website.

Main page

The user is greeted by a multitude of great offers and selections. The company’s signature symbol, a ring, can be seen everywhere.

Catalog and products

The carefully thought-out structure of the catalog and filters make sure visitors don’t get lost in the endless variety of jewelry: products can be selected by type, method of manufacture, material, brand and a dozen of other parameters.

The integrating element of the website and the offline stores is Sunlight’s identity that was created in the studio.


Product card

The page provides complete information about the chosen piece of jewelry, helps choose a set, suggests a size and a way to save on the purchase.

Gift certificates

The luxuriously looking electronic gift certificates make the valuable gift even more enjoyable.

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