Sheremetyevo self check-in kiosk interface

Task: to make air travel more pleasant and convenient.

Very often when you come to the airport, the pleasant anticipation of travel is overshadowed by the tedious boredom of waiting in lines for check-in and baggage drop-off. An interface for a kiosk which passengers can use to check in for a flight and drop off their bags without wasting time was created at the studio.

Flight check-in

Checking in for your flight is now even easier. Simply scan the barcode on the booking reference on your phone and follow the instructions: enter details, choose a seat and get your printed pass.

Baggage drop-off

To drop off your bags, scan your boarding pass, read the rules on the screen and weigh your baggage. All instructions are illustrated and presented very clearly, making it impossible to make a mistake.

svo interface bag middle

The next step is to attach labels to the bags. There is no reason to rush, and if a label got damaged, it’s very easy to print a new one. All that’s left is to push the Drop off button and you’re good to go!

Made in 5 days
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