Tolmachevo Airport public zone interiors


Tolmachevo International Airport in Novosibirsk is the largest airport in terms of passenger traffic in the Eastern part of Russia. From here, people travel to the largest travel hubs in Asia, the airport receives a tremendous number of flights, which is why it is growing and increasing its capacity.

The studio developed a common standard for the design of public spaces—restaurants, cafés and stores—of the new super-modern terminal that develops the retro-futuristic style of the airport.

The main principle of the interiors is open borders. It makes passengers feel comfortable while waiting for a flight, while making the terminal itself look more attractive and modern.

Restaurants and cafés are separated by rounded friezes. They look airy and delicately divide the area. End walls between stores make use of the same technique.

tolmachevo exterior 01
tolmachevo exterior 02

The smooth friezes of the stores and the bases of trade islands are painted black to match the color of the supporting columns: this allows the upper and lower borders to rhyme and form a single concise environment.

In the eating area, the partitions are complemented by potted plants that make the vast space of the airport cozier.

The interior design guidelines contain clear limitations and rules, yet allow tenants to customize some elements such as restaurant furnishings.

tolmachevo final

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