New Year displays for Sheremetyevo Airport

Task: to create a New Year-themed design for an airport.
Task: to create a New Year-themed design for an airport.

Every New Year, thousands of people depart from Sheremetyevo Airport to different countries enjoy the holidays.

In time for the holiday season, information displays at Sheremetyevo were decorated with incredibly cool Christmas ornaments.




The ornaments are incredibly heartwarming, adding holiday cheer to each display.

Decorations adorn departure boards and wayfinding screens

Video postcards

Advertising screens in the departures zone have acquired a New Year slogan. The lines symbolize departing planes!

Holiday videos greet people in the arrivals area and immediately draw their attention. The ornaments resemble Kremlin towers and Moscow cathedrals.

Holiday all the way

The beautiful falling snow adds to the magical holiday mood.

The amazing snow was generated specially for advertising screens. The fragments never repeat, meaning the snowflakes can continue brining cheer all year long, if needed.

The making of the snow

In the New Year, travel beyond the horizon!

art director


designer and motion designer



project manager

  • The studio wishes to thank Denis Bukhtienko for his help with the project
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