Tenevoy Profil website


Russian company Tenevoy Profil designs and produces solutions for modern interiors.

A website for the company was created in the studio. It perfectly reflects the style of interiors for which the company’s minimalist, high-tech and elegant products were designed, and attracts customers with refined tastes.

The company’s operation is accurate and precise, which is conveyed by the use of isometrics.

The design features of the company’s hidden fixtures and recessed floor and ceiling baseboards are clearly demonstrated with realistic interior fragments.

Detailed renders of the fixtures create a clearer picture of the product.

Neat information blocks and auxiliary elements continue the overall geometry.

Product page contains detailed specifications and useful information.

The modern and austere website of Tenevoy Profil creates an image of a confident, reliable company whose products turn any interior into a premium one.


project manager

  • The studio wishes to thank Mikhail Kudryashov, Vladimir Strelkin and Alexander Bodyakin for their help with the project
Made in 132 days
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