• The making of the TPS Real Estate shopping center storefront installations

    Overview• Process

    Gathering initial ideas.

    The client chooses four designs, elaborating them.

    Checking how a backlit matte film would look in real life:

    Simulating backlight and movement of fabric on a computer:

    The storefront has to look like a window into the underwater world, although human figures at the bottom of the sea might raise some questions. Trying to use balloons to give some air to the installation but later deciding to replace them with a school of fish:

    Simultaneously working on other storefront types. The white storefront has to look like a full room despite its shallow depth. Deciding to use the classic style with lots of decorations on the walls. Choosing the shape of the paint splash:

    The idea of the storefront with the blinds should be easy to understand. Creating a composition with contrasting silhouettes. The red umbrella helps tie the images and the figures together:

    Coming up with an easy way to create appearance of storefronts using prints on the back wall. Adding just a couple of 3D elements is enough to bring the installation to life:

    Pin-up won’t work, coming up with our own vintage style:

    Developing supporting documentation: