Tomsk Polytechnic University logo

Task: to refresh the logo of an advanced university.

Founded in 1896, Tomsk Polytechnic University was one of the first engineering universities in Russia. Today it includes ten schools that teach systems engineering, data analysis theory and artificial intelligence, management, laser technologies for creating 3D models and over 300 other disciplines. The university also conducts research in chemistry, physics, medicine and other related fields. According to Forbes, Tomsk Polytechnic is among the top 10 universities in Russia and top 400 in the world. The rebranding conducted by the studio shows the importance of engineering programs and their continuous development.

The dynamic and variable symbol refers to the traditional emblem of the university, a cube. However, the logo looks cheerful and high-tech, showing that the university is constantly transforming. Students invent new technologies, test innovative materials, model complex power systems: the science simply never stops here.

The unusual layout of the logo enhances the kinetic effect and reveals the hidden first letter of the university’s name. With its entire appearance the logo shows the multifaceted nature of modern science.

We also developed a principle for creating logos for specific academic areas. Individual symbols reflect different aspects of the university’s activities while remaining recognizable. Bright colors and abstract contrasting shapes do not prevent logos from being easily identifiable as belonging to a particular school.

Tomsk Polytechnic forms and maintains the image of a modern scientific and educational center which gives students first-class knowledge and skills and specializes in advanced research. The new fashionable logo will become one of the elements of this image.

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