TransDorTeh identity

Task: to design an identity.

TransDorTeh constructs roads all over Russia. The company was established in 1997 and over the years was able to progress from small contracts to projects of federal importance. For example, they were responsible for constructing highways for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2014!

The company tries to automate the construction process as much as possible so that the roads are built not by workers but by fast and smart equipment. The modern and high-tech nature of the company is conveyed by the identity that is just overwhelmingly cool.

Identity elements remind of finished work and pavement markings.

transdorteh stand

Each element also works well on its own

As a pattern, as individual elements on workers’ uniforms, on documents and in corporate social network accounts—the identity always looks great.

transdorteh cap

The uniforms are incredibly cool.

transdorteh apparel
transdorteh footer
transdorteh docs

The special equipment liveries have a recognizable minimalistic design.

transdorteh kerax
transdorteh largus
transdorteh flag

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Made in 108 days
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