Zaraysk design code

Task: to create requirements for the rules of improvement of a historical settlement.

Zaraysk is an old town 170 kilometers south of Moscow that has been able to preserve its unique identity. Houses here are primarily one and two story, many built by merchants in the late 19th century. Zaraysk remembers the invasion of Batu Khan, the Time of Troubles and the childhood of Fyodor Dostoevsky. The high-rise landmarks of the town are the same as they were in the old days: bell towers and crosses of churches.

zaraysk map

A design code for Zaraysk was developed in the studio, setting out requirements for everything that makes up the appearance of a city with a rich history: architectural elements and street furniture, landscaping, fencing, pavements and parking spaces, everyday and holiday lighting.

To do that, we analyzed buildings, façades and elements of the urban environment and broke streets down into zones. The design code points out the problems in the appearance of Zaraysk and suggests ways to resolve them.

To make it easier for residents to understand the many rules of the design code, we created a booklet for private homeowners and commercial property owners. The booklet makes it much easier for the city to transform.

zaraysk book

We studied the historical and modern buildings of Zaraysk and classified them into four large groups, defining appearance and signage requirements for each.

zaraysk buildings

Smaller objects that affect the appearance of the city also became a part of the code. Specially for Zaraysk, we prepared the design of shopping pavilions and kiosks, minimalist buildings of calm colors that fit neatly into the appearance of both historical and modern areas of the city.

zaraysk sign
zaraysk bb

Zaraysk has its own special type of fences: characteristic wooden fences of private houses. The design code recommends to maintain this tradition when describing rules for fencing.

zaraysk fences

The city is bustling with life: something is always being built or repaired. To prevent construction fences from ruining the look of the city, we created a special pattern for them.

zaraysk pattern

We conducted research to determine which plants are suitable for Zaraysk and created relevant recommendations that include over 380 plants fitting for the climate and appearance of the city. And of course, apple trees.

zaraysk plants

The design code includes all components of a modern city, defining rules for lighting, paving, typography, sign and advertising placement as well as festive decorations.

zaraysk examples 01
zaraysk examples 02
zaraysk examples 03
zaraysk examples 04

zaraysk examples fin

The rules change the town for the better, they make Zaraysk a stylistically unified, comfortable place with a safe environment. Adoption of the design code will allow Zaraysk to develop, maintaining a balance between history and modernity, visual appeal and convenience, safety and accessibility.

zaraysk ba 01
zaraysk ba 02
Made in 34 days
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