Zeleny Gid logo


Zeleny Gid is a company that specializes in landscaping services such as tree planting, lawn installation and maintenance. A bright and eco-friendly logo for the company was designed in the studio.

zeleny gid 01

The logo resembles a landscape project and consists of elements of two types: lawns and trees. A closer look shows that all the greenery in the logo is arranged to form the first two letters of the company’s name.

zeleny gid 02

Individual images of shrubs and trees are used as friendly elements of the identity.

zeleny gid 03

A custom typeface with references to the shape of the logo was created specifically for the project. Attention to detail and thoughtful design elements give the logo personality and texture.

zeleny gid 04
Alignment of uppercase and lowercase letters for better compatibility with the logo
Flat shape of letters and typeface elements
“Plant-like” dynamics and characteristic breaks

The logo can adorn any medium and adapts well to any environment.

zeleny gid 11
zeleny gid 12
zeleny gid 13

art director

type designer

project manager

Made in 56 days
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