Identity for the Zeleny Log park in Stary Oskol

zeleny log cover
Task: to create an identity for the first large park in the city.

Nothing good used to happen on the site of the new Zeleny Log park in Stary Oskol: there was a parking lot, drunk people and a stinking creek. But recently something amazing happened: the area turned into twenty hectares of green grass, benches, playgrounds and sports grounds. The city finally has a giant park!

zeleny log 01

Unfortunately, this green friend of the locals is often attacked by vandals. They kick over trash cans, litter and break benches. Someone even managed to steal a kids’ swing.

zeleny log 02

To better integrate the exceptional park into the lives of the residents, a friendly identity was created at the studio, open and clean, just like the park itself.

zeleny log 03

Only here the locals can play hide and seek with the city.

zeleny log 04

Hiding behind the vegetation, the letter Л playfully invites residents to take a walk with swag, keeping in mind good manners and respect to the park.

zeleny log 05

The naughty Л is great at hiding, but all you have to do to catch it is visit Zeleny Log.

zeleny log 06

You’re it!

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Made in 10 days
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