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Task: to show the real life of a large corporation.

When you’re about to start working at a large company, you always get nervous and start thinking about what awaits you at the new place. You don’t seem to internalize any of the corporate values, you mix up all the carefully prepared interview answers, and career growth seems a really vague future.

To streamline all the information and show that even large corporations are run by real people, mock-ups of a website about working at Beeline were designed at the studio. A clear metaphor was created for the website: an unknown planet. From a distance, it appears strange and mystifying with no one really knowing what it hides.

But take a close look and the planet reveals a familiar outline and the multi-layered crust turns out to hide a precious core that you just need to uncover.

This is exactly what we decided to demonstrate on the main page. The viewer reaches the surface of the planet and begins to study what it contains. First, the corporate values, rewritten in human language which makes learning them easy and exciting. Each of the principles is supported by an example.

Closer to the core, new details start to appear. The deeper you go, the more important the information.

Stories about a well-coordinated team, social benefits and career growth remain on the surface. The core contains complex projects and interesting tasks. It may be scary to approach them but curiosity and craving for the unknown guide the visitors.

And this is where they begin to understand the essence of things and choose their further direction. Each of the directions has its own page with an extremely concise description on the first screen: in space you need to be able to grasp a lot of information quickly. All details become clear once you go deeper.

Beginner pilots interns can use the introductory page where they are thoroughly prepared for new challenges and are consistently immersed in all stages of their internship.

Professionals who haven’t yet decided on the direction and want to see everything at once are directed to a large black page. It contains job openings for future employees at all of the company’s offices. Overall, at the end everyone understands that working at Beeline is exciting and not at all scary.

  • From Beeline

director of recruitment and human resources

  • Ekaterina Smoleva

senior recruitment manager

  • Irina Dorofeeva

recruitment project manager

  • Veronika Khvalkovskaya

head of the digital product design department

  • Maxim Dolgov

senior digital product expert

  • Sergei Komarov
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