Beeline Gaming console interface

Task: to design an interface for a gaming console.

Beeline Gaming is a cloud gaming console. Making the console a joy to use is its beautiful, clean and incredibly convenient interface.

Featured games and promo videos are collected in one block and shown in small round previews. They also rotate like a drum! This is easy to use and looks cool.

Each game has a card with detailed information. Brief description, genre, reviews, live streams, similar games—it’s all on one page.

beeline gaming interface far cry

The interface was designed for use both with a keyboard and mouse and a gamepad.

The TV section can be brought up in just one click.

beeline gaming interface tv

There is also a section with gaming news from different sources where press releases, reviews, ratings, charts and other interesting materials are brought together.

beeline gaming interface news

The interface adapts to screens of various sizes and looks equally well on a computer and a TV screen.

motion designer

secret advisor

project managers

  • From Beeline


senior expert on digital product design

  • Daria Panfilova

head of development

  • Vladimir Malyugin

senior software engineer

  • Pavel Bakharev

leading software engineers

  • Aleksandr Rudakovsky
  • Dmitry Karamin
  • Dmitry Marukov
  • Vladimir Kudriavtsev
  • Andrey Torgonsky
  • Anton Dampilov

product manager

  • Sergei Komarov
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