Bosch and the Future of Urban Transport

Task: To develop a concept for an amazing form of overground transport.

Living in cities would be a different story if we didn’t travel on the streets or beneath them, but, instead, took to the skies to glide along serenely. Instead of the electric light of the subway, we’d have the sun on our faces. Rather than clattering through endless noisy tunnels, we’d have a kaleidoscope of cityscapes unfolding in front of us. And let’s not even talk about traffic.

Bosch is rethinking urban transport. Their solution marries the advantages of cable cars with the ability to hop on and off whenever you want. They asked for our help with the look of the passenger cabins and to make a video explaining how it all works.

bosch cabin

Air transport is a spacious cabin that runs along a highway high above the ground. To get to where you’re going, you don’t have to follow strict routes or timetables. The cabin knows how to switch between lines, and there’s no need to make changes.

The cabin can stop at any of the numerous small stations located on the route.

The route network itself consists of curves and branches. It’s simple to expand, making it easy to reach new areas and go in new directions.

There’s no carbon dioxide, the energy costs are low, and it takes up very little space.

The concept of individual transportation means that vehicles will not be left empty. Also, it’s very safe. It can turn itself off in extreme weather conditions, and can be easily evacuated in the event of an emergency.

The cabins are completely weather-proof. Rain, snow, thunder, ice or hail — it keeps you safe from them all. Wi-Fi comes as standard, naturally.

bosch night

Moscow may just be the first city in the world to enjoy a whole new way to travel.

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  • The studio wishes to thank Alexander Borisov for his help with the project
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