Buro Nahodok brand platform and identity

Brand platform

The team of Buro Nahodok group of companies makes dull city neighborhoods more pleasant by creating endlessly interesting spaces in them. Employees find curious details in every place and gather fascinating artifacts from all over the world in their establishments.

The studio came up with a brand platform for Buro Nahodok.

The document outlines the essence of the approach and describes the values that underpin the ideology of Buro Nahodok.

Every location of the chain is magnificent in its own way: there is a unique artful atmosphere inside, and no two elements of interior are ever the same.

buro nahodok identity

A description and a legend were invented for each creature.

buro nahodok animals
buro nahodok cafe 02
buro nahodok cafe 03
buro nahodok cafe 04
buro nahodok cups

Signature calligraphy is created with the help of Fabula typeface designed in the studio.

buro nahodok font 01
buro nahodok font 02
buro nahodok merch 01
buro nahodok merch 02
buro nahodok merch 03
buro nahodok cafe 06
buro nahodok cafe 07
buro nahodok fish
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