Český Krumlov logo

Task: to design a logo for a city.

Český Krumlov is a town and a popular tourist destination in the south of the Czech Republic.

The town is very small (less than fifteen thousand people leave here permanently) and somewhat toylike: it’s full of medieval houses, castles, narrow streets and bridges.

The logo designed at the studio makes use of the town’s main symbols.

The town is very scenic, dreamy and bright, which means it needed a minimalist logo that would not look excessive on tourist posters, booklets and souvenirs.

The reserved and solemn symbol reminds about the Vltava River surrounding Český Krumlov, the town’s bridges, the semicircular windows in old castles and low arches between buildings.

chesky krumolov photo 1
chesky krumolov photo 2

The logo contains two main letters of the town’s name, Č and K.

The modern and sophisticated logo easily fits into urban space. What’s especially cool is that it can be easily reproduced by hand.

chesky krumolov luk

Additional versions of the logo were created for different departments of the city administration.

chesky krumolov gov logos

chesky krumolov final

A delicate logo such as this one is a great luxury for any city.

chesky krumolov plate
Made in 15 days
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