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Citymatic guidelines

Task: to explain how to use an identity.

Citymatic knows everything about proper collection, transportation, recycling and disposal of household waste. These people remove trash containers from our streets and get rid of dirty snow in the spring. The company already had a fresh high-tech identity, all that was left for us to do was to help them start using it properly. This is why we developed and compiled guidelines with the principles of using style elements in various situations.

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The largest section of the document is dedicated to versions of the logo (including the English ones) and options for their placement on surfaces of all types. Each example is illustrated with an image.

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In total, there are three Russian and three English versions of the symbol. Features of each of them are described in the document in detail.

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One of the most important elements of an identity is the corporate typeface that is used to create business documents. A special section lists all possible typefaces and explains layout principles.

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When chosen correctly, elements of the logo form a corporate pattern that looks great on both light and dark backgrounds. A separate section is dedicated to choosing elements for the pattern.

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Simple and obvious pictograms were created for different types of trash containers.

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The chapter on branded media explains and demonstrates how to design business cards, letterheads, bills, envelopes, folders, badges, bags, souvenirs and anything else the company might need.

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citymatic bag
citymatic notebook
citymatic roadsign
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citymatic truck
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