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Every city produces tons of solid municipal waste very day, and all this refuse needs to be handled. That’s where Citymatic comes in, collecting, transporting, treating, neutralizing and disposing of solid waste. What’s more, the company is builds infrastructure, develops recycling and reuse projects and even trains hawks, buzzards and falcons to scare flocking birds away from landfills.

For such a cool company, we created an impressive website. It is clear and understandable, thus broadcasting an image of a confident and reliable organization, while its dynamic and vigorous character supports an innovative approach to work.

Visual solution

The website’s graphics are based on the main element of Citymatic’s identity: a transformer house. The dynamic angular shape links together blocks, pages and sections.

citymatic site cards

For example, with the help of the recognizable shape, boring region icons and interactive news cards turn into memorable details.

The strict pattern that accompanies the infographics resembles landfills that Citymatic is actively fighting against.

citymatic site pattern
citymatic site pattern mobile

Bright image for eco-projects

To liven up the website, we created 3D models of various items the way they look when they are recycled. Yet the worn T-shirt, crushed can and cracked glass are pleasing to the eye and fit well with the overall style.

The company’s own technological complex Ecotechnopark processes tires into rubber crumb that is later used in construction of playgrounds, sports facilities, pathways and terraces.

More detailed information about the company’s contribution to the environment is carefully collected in a special section.

Ecotechnopark Vtormatic Biorepellentation

The website makes an impression, but doesn’t overload the user with information. It fully reflects the essence of the company, a modern and advanced enterprise that helps people and cities to live a cleaner life.

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Made in 167 days
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