Graphics for Gazprom's sports projects


Gazprom builds sports grounds, stadiums and sports complexes all over the country, supports tournaments and sponsors various teams. Everyone must have heard about its contract with the ten-time Russian soccer champion. There are also youth tournaments, charitable sporting events and spartakiads. That’s why the company needed a set of images to use at various sporting events.

Keeping in mind that another of Gazprom’s major sponsorship activities is supporting cultural projects, we combined the creative and sports energy, taking inspiration from the works of Russian Suprematists and Constructivists of the 20th century. The result is an entire series of colorful images which depict sport as true art.

gazprom sport 01
gazprom sport 02

The dynamic and energetic illustrations are complemented by strict geometric patterns.

gazprom sport patterns

The modular grid allows to produce infinitely scalable layouts.

gazprom sport grid
gazprom sport 03
gazprom sport 05
gazprom photos 01
gazprom photos 03
gazprom photos 04
gazprom sport 06

art director


motion designer


Made in 34 days
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