State University of Management 100th Anniversary website

Task: to tell the story of a university.

State University of Management celebrates its 100th anniversary. A special page explains how the university evolved and what happened to it throughout its history.

The story is broken down into chapters that are presented chronologically. It tells how a commercial school that was opened in the Tsarist Russia to educate merchants became the university as it is known today.

The website contains lots of pictures from the university’s archives presented in large size and with careful attention to detail.


Olimpiada Vasilyevna Kozlova, rector from 1950 to 1986

Some of the black and white photos get colorized when the page is scrolled making the story more interesting and relatable.

golden_waves 2

The university published several important books on management. Their covers were carefully recreated.

The evolution of the status and name of the educational establishment is presented visually.

Also demonstrated are the awards won by the school.

Government Prize

Order of Peter the Great

Gold medal for impeccable business reputation

Order of the Red Banner of Labor

Convenient navigation by year and chapter makes reading the long story much easier.

Towards end of the page the list of achievements disappears in the horizon while the black and white photos become colored, demonstrating the school’s bright future.

The university transitioned from one historical era into another, which was also shown spectacularly.

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