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Kuban Kredit online banking interface

Task: to design an online banking interface.

Kuban Kredit is a large Russian bank that provides all types of financial services including loans, deposits, mortgages, business services as well as various services for retirees. A laconic online banking interface for Kuban Kredit was created at the studio.

All primary operations are available on one page. Contracts, accounts, templates and automatic payments are highlighted. On the side is a form that allows to pay the cell phone bill or transfer money to a bank card.

Cards have a different color depending on the type of payment they represent. Loans are blue, deposits are green, bank cards are orange and templates of monthly payments remain white.

Users can give human names to all loans to avoid comparing account numbers when making a payment. This functionality becomes especially useful if you have more than one loan. “Mortgage,” “Mom’s birthday,” “Car,” "That dress :("—everything is very clear.

Color payment cards are easier to see and introduce pleasant diversity

The interface pages are very simple, making online banking easy even for new users. All information is very graphic and relevant.

All account operations including transfers and payments are available right on the main page. Clicking a card opens a context menu with a list of available actions.

The personal account page is rich in functionality and can save many trips to the bank. Users can quickly open a new deposit, apply for a loan, order or reorder a bank card. The application form is short and has only three steps.

Informative icons were created for all services and categories.

Any payment can be saved as a template and repeated in two clicks.

Made in 191 days
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