• Graphic design
  • Metro
  • Type design for Salarievo Moscow Metro station

    • Overview
    Task: to develop type design for a new Moscow Metro station.

    Release date: February 15 2016

    Salarievo station of the Moscow Metro’s Sokolnicheskaya Line opened for passengers on February 15, 2016. By the request of Mosmetrostroy and Inzhproekt, the studio created a name plate for placement on the station wall, as well as recommendations on choosing materials and technologies for its production.

    Asymmetric serifs and dynamic shape of the ovals make the text stand out.

    art director
    type designer
    project manager
    PKB Inzproekt
    chief architect
    Anatoly Tarasov
    Nikolay Deev
    Desislava Polyakova

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