Task: to create lettering for a Moscow Metro station.

Aminyevskaya station on the south-western section of the Big Circle Line opened for passengers on December 7, 2021.


The station name lettering placed on the track wall was created in the studio along with recommendations on choosing materials and technologies for its production.

aminyevskaya 01

A futuristic geometric grotesque was chosen as the typeface for the lettering, fitting perfectly into the architectural design of the station.

aminyevskaya 02
aminyevskaya 03

art director

type designer

project manager

project designers

  • CRCC Rus
  • Mospromproekt

project design lead and chief architect

  • Tatyana Chistyakova

chief architect

  • Vladimir Buturlintsev

chief engineers

  • Zhou Zhimin
  • Dmitry Zubarev
  • Alexei Odintsov
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