Task: to create lettering for a Moscow Metro station.

Vorontsovskaya station on the south-western section of the Big Circle Line opened for passengers on December 7, 2021.


The station name lettering placed on the track wall was created in the studio along with recommendations on choosing materials and technologies for its production.

vorontsovskaya 01

The key element of the interior design is the ceiling that resembles the Milky Way. It is made of fourteen thousand six hundred forty-two “saucers” which create a mysterious flicker that draws visitors into the cosmic space.

The emphasis in the lettering is made on the perfectly round letters O that rhyme with the elements of the ceiling. The rest of the characters also follow the chosen dynamic.

vorontsovskaya 02
vorontsovskaya 03

art director

type designer

project manager

project designer

  • Mospromproekt

project design lead

  • Alexander Vigdorov

chief architect

  • Sergei Karetnikov

chief engineer

  • Ivan Grebnev
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