Task: to create lettering for the new station of the Moscow metro.

Novoperedelkino station of the Moscow Metro opened its doors to passengers on August 30, 2018. Lettering for the station walls and recommendations on choosing materials and technologies for its fabrication were created at the studio.


The station’s design maintains neutral gray and white colors enhanced by active patterns, which is why the letters are markedly calm and are not fighting for attention.

Pleasant details such as thin serifs and small rounding radius inside the letters add character to the typeface.

novoperedelkino girl
novoperedelkino final
novoperedelkino train

art director

type designer

project manager


  • United Riga Architects


  • Evgeny Leonov
  • Aleksandr Dembo

architects and designer

  • Gulnara Khasanshina
  • Liva Banka


  • Maria Tsypysheva
  • Lina Plavinskaya
Made in 10 days
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