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    Type design for Troparyovo Moscow Metro station

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to develop type design for a new Moscow Metro station.

    Troparyovo station of the Moscow Metro’s Sokolnicheskaya Line opened for passengers on December 8, 2014. By the request of Mosinzhproekt (Moscow Institute for Survey and Design of Engineering Structures), the studio created a name plate to be placed on the station wall as well as recommendations on choosing materials and technologies for its production.


    The text employs a relatively simple grotesque typeface enhanced by small and delicate features—a dynamic O among static letters, stencil-like details, dots above the Ё and decorative elements surrounding the text—to create a consistent ornament.

    Release date: December 08 2014


    artistic director
    type designer
    project manager

    From the client:

    PKB Inzhproekt
    chief architect
    troparyovo 1

    troparyovo 2

    troparyovo 3

    troparyovo 4

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