Task: to create lettering for a Moscow Metro station.

Novatorskaya station station on the south-western section of the Big Circle Line opened for passengers on December 7, 2021.


The station name lettering placed on the track wall was created in the studio along with recommendations on choosing materials and technologies for its production.

novatorskaya 01

The mood of the station's interior is set by the complex rhythmic play of various elements: luminous horizontal ceiling panels, rare massive columns and the strict, frequent rhythm of the slats on the walls.

The letters in the station name also retain a rigid rhythm and have a squared, monospace character.

novatorskaya 02
novatorskaya 03

art director

type designer

project manager

project designer

  • Mospromproekt

project design lead

  • Alexander Vigdorov

chief architect

  • Sergei Karetnikov

chief engineer

  • Ivan Grebnev
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