Solntsevo Metro station lettering

Task: to create lettering for the new station of the Moscow metro.

Solntsevo station of the Moscow Metro opened its doors to passengers on August 30, 2018.

Lettering for the station walls and recommendations on choosing materials and technologies for its fabrication were created at the studio.


A minimalist and friendly grotesque was chosen for the typeface. Geometry of the letters rhymes with the station’s primary architectural motif, a circle.

solntsevo big
solntsevo entrance

art director

  • Artemy Lebedev

type designer

  • Taisiya Lushenko

project manager

  • Svetlana Kost


  • Nefa Architects

chief architect

  • Dmitry Ovcharov


  • Elena Mertsalova
  • Viktor Kolupaev
  • Margarita Kornienko
  • Maria Nasonova
  • Maria Tarasova
Made in 10 days
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