Tupolev-100 Metro train design

October 22, 2022 marked the hundredth anniversary of Andrei Tupolev Experimental Design Bureau which has made great contributions to the development of aviation and world industry. An anniversary Metro train was designed in the studio: the train’s interior and exterior tell a colorful story about the company’s history and its incredible achievements and awakens a keen interest in the entire aircraft industry.

The train is divided into stages in the life of the bureau: it starts by talking about the first steps in the formation of the aviation industry and ends by exploring the future that lies with designers and engineers.

tupolev ext 01
tupolev ext 02
tupolev ext 03
tupolev ext 04
tupolev ext 05

The interior is not filled with a solid canvas: the passenger seats remain airy and quiet, while the exits are highlighted with graphics.

tupolev scheme
tupolev facts
tupolev int 01
tupolev int 02
tupolev int 03
tupolev int 04
tupolev int 05
tupolev int 06

Additionally, we also drew detailed models of the planes that fly through the entire train.

tupolev final

artistic director

art director






Made in 66 days
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