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Task: to attract ordinary citizens to a professional museum.
Task: to attract ordinary citizens to a professional museum.

The Museum of City Services is a place where city objects familiar to every resident of Moscow are presented from the most unexpected sides. Information about process nuances and interesting facts about public services are combined here with the most advanced technical innovations. A website that encourages to visit the museum to see it all with your own eyes was created in the studio.

Visual language

Features of expositions are illustrated with large three-dimensional models.

Bright colors and shapes of graphic elements on the pages are direct references to the interiors of the museum. Everything there also glows, shines and flashes. The website’s main dynamic menu looks different every time it’s loaded, but its geometry and colors are fully consistent with the project’s identity.

kgh screen

Features of the exhibits are emphasized by spectacular animation. For example, a huge control panel displays infographics on a video wall in separate modules that change automatically when scrolled.

The operation of the Landscaping block is shown in a similar way.

Interactive elements

Many of the exhibits work on the website exactly the same as they do in the museum. For example, to clean a virtual brick wall painted with graffiti, visitors can take a roller and start restoring order.

And the real photo booth became a tool for loading and processing photos. All you need to do is upload a selfie to the website and see it instantly superimposed on a floral background. The flowers are not chosen at random, but from the species that municipal workers are planting in flowerbeds this year.

The pages adapt perfectly for mobile devices, fully preserving all functional and interactive elements.

kgh mobile 1
kgh mobile 2

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